The story so far

Growing up, the dinner table was my first conference room. My dad's investment banking background merged with my mom's nursing career, and our family’s passion for art, created the foundation for a rich tapestry of conversation. From an early age I was captivated by financial narratives.

‍I also loved languages. I started teaching myself Spanish in 4th grade and Japanese in 7th grade. My love of languages would lead me to spending time studying or working in Mexico,Tokyo and Peru at various points in my life, ensuring that today I look at most things through a truly global lens. My fascination with Japan was directly linked to my martial arts practice. I still train regularly today and currently hold black belts in Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Not only did martial arts instill in me a deep sense of respect for the role of health in my ability to succeed, but it taught me a level of discipline I still draw upon today.

‍After a finance-focused undergrad and stints in investment banking in Tokyo and New York city, I discovered my love for private markets - and venture capital in particular - at Edgestone in 2004. It was one of Canada's few early-stage tech funds at the time. And at $104M it was one of the biggest! Working alongside two operators, I honed my investing skills, learning that respect and humility are just as vital as vision and strategy.

While in banking, I was involved in a significant IPO at the time – 724 Solutions – it was a payments engine and soared to a market cap larger than the Bank of Montreal (where I worked at the time). It was quite a journey and helped me to understand a bubble early in my career. 

‍Today, I am most interested in looking at companies operating at the intersection of fintech and commerce - I call it financial value exchange. The areas of fintech I get most excited about include data exchange and enrichment; companies providing the orchestration layer to manage and drive insights from the multitude of applications and point solutions that exist in an enterprise; fraud and identity management; and agile billing platforms that enable companies to be flexible and responsive in their pricing models. I’m also passionate about the ability for technology to unlock financial literacy, and products for those who have traditionally been underserved. I like products that are emerging to prevent people with low incomes from getting trapped in endless debt cycles.

What should founders know about me?

When I sit on your board, my role is to engage in candid, constructive dialogue that propels your company forward. I bring a holistic perspective to the challenges and opportunities facing your business. Whether it's connecting you with the right talent or customers, I'm all in. But I will never shy away from telling you what I really think. It is this transparency that has helped me create long lasting relationships with founders I’ve backed over the last two decades.

And yes, I may be intense but I am far from robotic. The humanity in business matters to me a lot. Whether it's dealing with staff or investors, people are not just line items on a balance sheet; they're the essence of any successful endeavour.

‍Despite the fact that my finance career began in the late nineties it was a different era. I was regularly the only woman in the room. And was referred to as ‘sweetheart’ more often than I care to admit. As a result of this - and the fact that I am raising a child with a physical disability - it has been important to me throughout my career to ensure that wherever I work we are creating space for diverse voices to get heard. 

‍While I'm a strong advocate for Canadian talent, my love for languages and diverse cultures runs deep in my DNA. This blend of local pride and international vision defines me, both as a person and an investor.

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