The story so far

I have always been driven by curiosity and a desire to build. And so far this forward-focused orientation has served me well. Resulting in a diverse set of experiences and as rich of a career as a kid from Southwestern Ontario could have ever hoped for.

Throughout my career, I've ridden the rollercoaster of leading high-performing teams, launching digital platforms — some reaching millions, others designed for a select few internal users, ultimately finding joy in both. I tried the lonely path of a solo entrepreneur, only to discover it wasn't my calling. During time spent at PayPal, eBay, Virgin Mobile and the National Hockey League Players Association, I've seen the corporate world from many sides, being part of teams big and small, both acquiring and being acquired.

My journey has landed me in a number of unexpected territories ranging from a Fortune 500 board room to a major league sports negotiation table to the corridors of Capitol Hill. What ultimately sticks with me the most are the fascinating people I’ve met along the way. Many of them operating at the peak of human endeavor.

All of this has prepared me for the absolute privilege to work at OMERS Ventures. The non-stop line of fascinating people we meet on a weekly basis is seconded only by the truly challenging and interesting work we do at the firm. I feel like I’m operating on multiple careers at once, continually learning and building. It’s the best.

What founders should know about you?

I’m an optimist by nature, but I know that it’s only through the coordinated effort of people that we achieve great things. Left to its own devices, entropy wins. I think that’s why I am in such awe of founders. The choice to try and “will” something into existence (and take people along for the ride) takes a special breed. Your energy, focus and ambition is infectious to be around.

It’s a good day when I can help somebody on their journey. Whether it’s a customer intro, a new way of thinking about a problem, or just being there as a sounding board. I’m in my happy place at a white board, solving problems and building new stuff. (and if you ever want to talk about tools and tech, I’m your guy). I carry the experiences and the advice I’ve received with me and am happy to impart it.

Let’s talk, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

What do you do in your free time?

These days, most of my free time is spent trying to keep up with my two energetic young sons – who are as funny as they are fast – and always staying just a step behind my beautiful and talented wife. My non-tech time is usually spent tinkering with my century-old home or dabbling in an assortment of hobbies, all of which are always in various states of completeness. I’m often found outside chatting with neighbors, and sometimes I get to go camping or skiing.