Alexandra Stasula



The story so far

I ensure the wheels stay on the OMERS Ventures bus in my role as an Administrative Assistant. My natural ability to ‘get stuff done’ is something I’ve developed over the years into an industry-spanning career.

My earliest career aspiration was to be a lawyer, which little baby me spelled ‘LOYER’ – to this day I’m not sure why. Later in university, I studied law and society and did post-graduate studies in alternative dispute resolution with a specialization in family law. My path turned unpredictably into advertising, though, where I worked as an EA at TAXI in Toronto, before switching over to The&Partnership.

Working in advertising was honestly a bit like ‘Mad Men’ come to life, and it was fun for a while but eventually I succumbed to the lure of tech and joined Intelex. My experience spanned multiple roles there, working as an EA and later managing projects, which also led to me getting my project management certification. I’m very excited to bring those skills to bear at OMERS Ventures to support our events and special projects.

I’m also an avid reader, and I have a book suggestion ready for just about any subject you could possibly imagine. My love of books extends to the artifacts themselves – no digital for me; I probably have about 350 physical books at home.

Also at home you’ll find my pet ferret, an endlessly affectionate and sweet furry pal that I dote on and constantly take pictures of to send to my daughter. Sometimes having a ferret draws sidelong glances from neighbours, but I promise they’re loving and loyal lifelong friends.

What should founders know about you?

I’m all about being direct, and using that directness to get things done. No obstacles can stand in my way, and I bring that determination to my work for OV and its portfolio.