Wrk is the world’s first platform to combine advanced automation with a global workforce.

The story so far

After personally experiencing the challenges of high growth and volume at SweetIQ, Mohannad El-Barachi (CEO) has partnered with David Li (COO) to address the issue of scaling processes head-on. Antiquated systems, disparate data, and manual processes can create gaps and bottlenecks between you and smooth scaling. Existing solutions like RPA are extremely powerful but extremely expensive. On the other hand, simple integrations are quick and helpful but come with huge gaps in deliverability.

The Wrk Platform was built to eradicate these challenges. With quick and easy Automated Wrkflows, it can connect a business’ existing systems with pre-configured bots and an integrated skilled workforce to automate any process.

OMERS Ventures invested in Wrk in 2021.

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Mohannad El-Barachi


Mohannad El-Barachi

Mo is an Egyptian-born tech-entrepreneur, investor, and CEO & Co-Founder of Wrk.

After founding SweetIQ, a local digital marketing company in 2010, Mo led the business to four consecutive years of +300% revenue growth, reaching over 100,000 clients worldwide. Gannett’s 2017 acquisition of SweetIQ showcased Mo’s potential to visualize strong growth and drive high returns to investors. It won SweetIQ the 2018 Canadian Venture Capital Deal of the Year Award for generating the largest return of 560% to investors.

As well as being a tech leader, Mo is also an investor and advisor for many businesses including Potloc, Binary Alpha, Path Water, SOMA Capital, and Healthcare Wings. An expert in building people-driven, top-performing companies.

In 2019, Mo founded Wrk, the world’s first Hybrid Automation Platform that combines state-of-the-art automation tools with a skilled global human workforce. He is a forward-thinking executive, technologist, solutions architect, and developer with diverse experience in the Information Technology sector.

David Li


David Li

Montreal-based tech entrepreneur David Li is a pioneer in the industry and is COO & Co-Founder of Wrk.

David has always been passionate about problem-solving, helping organizations evolve and discovering new brand boundaries. David’s career spans roles at Bombardier, Yellow Pages, and later SweetIQ which was acquired by Gannett (USA TODAY NETWORK) in 2017, leading digital business transformations within each to accommodate evolving market demands. 

David is an intellectual leader with a knack for growing business operations using tech and innovation as building blocks. He co-founded Wrk to create an automation platform that serves as an accessible Omni-tool for building operational frameworks across any organization.

His cross-industry experience, strategic thinking and empathetic approach to both team and client growth alike allows him to deliver unparalleled results, and inspire others to do the same.

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