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The story so far

Ted grew up in the Arizona desert but eventually made his way to Silicon Valley to study Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University. He began his career in sales at Cisco, selling networking hardware to Fortune 500 CIOs and CISOs. After a few years as the top rep in his segment, Ted rode the cloud wave and transitioned to Box as an early employee on the fast-growing revenue team. It wasn’t long until he was spotted for his budding entrepreneurial spirit; his colleague fondly remembers, “During our hackathon, Ted was the only one in sales that was actually writing iOS code and building products.”

Ted eventually transitioned into a product management role after three very successful years as an AE – a rare and non-traditional path that came naturally to him. He spent the next few years as a Product Manager, and was an integral part of the journey that took Box to an IPO. Ted finally took the plunge to founding WorkRamp, with a strong conviction that large incumbent industries like Learning Management Systems (LMS) need modern platforms – similarly to what Box just disrupted.

Workplace SaaS is the fourth US theme based on Eugene’s operating background in startups and SaaS, and the tools he and his ex-colleagues used and complained about! Eugene embarked on a path of initially looking at companies solving Customer Success pain points, which led him down a Customer Education rabbit role, where he ultimately landed on the large incumbent LMS category. After reemerging from the abyss, Eugene reached out to Ted and shared his findings and thesis in the sector and why WorkRamp was positioned for future success as the modern enterprise learning platform. Before you know it, Ted and Eugene had an outdoor socially distanced dinner and were sharing pictures of their kids.

OMERS Ventures led WorkRamp’s $17 million Series B in December 2020 and since then we’ve been actively helping Ted recruit additional members to the team, reshaping the narrative around effective and modern LMS’s, deploying go-to-market strategies and introducing the team to potential customers.





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Ted Blosser

Ted Blosser (left) is the CEO at WorkRamp. He co-founded the learning platform to make it easier and more profitable for businesses to train their employees and customers at a massive scale. Ted has extensive experience in building go-to-market strategies and driving revenue at top enterprises like Box and Cisco. Ted holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.

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