Resi provide the advice and architectural drawings for home-owners to plan and manage extensions, refurbishments or new development projects.

The story so far

In 2016, co-founder, Alex Depledge wanted to add a simple side return extension to her home but three months later, she found herself £2,500 light with nothing on paper. She couldn’t believe how clunky the experience was, and seeing an opportunity to change things, Alex enlisted Jules (who had previously co-founded a home-cleaner-booking business called with Alex in 2013) to help come up with a solution. Resi brings architecture and home design into the 21st century, offering an online platform that opens up affordable, fast, high-quality architectural services for every UK home – they can even help with getting planning permission.

Harry Briggs, Managing Partner had known Alex for a few years and they coincidently bumped in to each other at a Downing Street reception which coincided with the launch of OMERS Ventures in Europe; after a few more conversations it became our first European Series-A investment. In just three years, Resi is now the number one residential architectural series in the UK.





OMERS First Investment


Resi Founder


Alex Depledge and Jules Coleman

Alex & Jules previously co-founded, successfully exiting to Helpling in 2015. They then became Entrepreneurs in Residence at Index Ventures, and Alex has also served as chair of Coadec and board member of the London Economic Action Partnership. Both Alex & Jules began their careers in management consulting with PwC, Accenture and IBM.