RANOVUS builds optical transceiver communications hardware products used in high-speed communications in telecom networks and data centers.

The story so far

Hamid Arabzadeh has been the Chairman, President and CEO of RANOVUS since its inception in 2012. RANOVUS, with operations in Canada, USA, and Germany, develops and manufactures advanced solutions for the next generation of interconnects for the telecommunications and information technology industries. The Ranovus team has extensive experience in product development and commercialization of optoelectronics components and transceiver subsystems for the information technology industry. RANOVUS technology delivers significant reduction in power dissipation, size and cost of interconnects, and enables a much higher degree of distortion tolerance compared to traditional solutions, thereby enabling a "freeway" architecture to reduce network latency. OMERS Ventures invested in Ranovus in 2013.





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Hamid Arabzadeh


Hamid Arabzadeh

Hamid Arabzadeh is the Chairman, President and CEO of RANOVUS. Prior to RANOVUS, Hamid was the Chairman, President and CEO of CoreOptics, a leading provider of 10/40/100Gbps optical subsystems for high-capacity networking applications, before being acquired by Cisco in 2010. Hamid is also an angel investor in startups in the Mobile, Cloud and Security market segments. Hamid holds a B.A.Sc. from University of Waterloo in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MBA from McGill University.

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