PeerWell is a surgery optimization platform that has helped patients with musculoskeletal conditions prepare for surgery or avoid it altogether.

The story so far

Manish grew up in the Bay Area and went to the University of California, Berkeley where he caught the entrepreneurial bug and helped co-found a company soon after graduating college. That company was the venture-backed marketing data and software provider, Rapleaf, and Rapleaf ultimately split into two entities where one was acquired by TowerData (Rapleaf) and the other was acquired by Acxiom (LiveRamp). After Rapleaf/LiveRamp, Manish took some time off to explore a variety of interests until he was inspired to take a look at the health tech market. Manish’s father had undergone a joint replacement surgery and Manish saw firsthand, the lack of tools, content and technology that patients had access to when going through a musculoskeletal (MSK) surgical episode. That became part of the impetus for the formation of PeerWell.

Health tech was one of the first sectors that we wanted to invest in upon launching OMERS Ventures in the US. We were introduced to Manish by one of his technical advisors who was a founder in town that we knew. Michael and Michelle were in deep in thematic work around all things musculoskeletal and PeerWell with its focus on MSK condition management for the workers compensation market was unique and well thought out.”

OMERS Ventures led PeerWell’s $6.5M Series A in July 2019 and we’ve been helping Manish ever since on management team additions, go-to-market strategies, product packaging and venture debt raising. Of note, PeerWell has more than doubled its headcount, brought on new partners such as Corvel, Coventry and Paradigm, and served an order of magnitude more MSK patients in the last year.”





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Manish Shah

Manish Shah is the co-founder and CEO of PeerWell. Manish is a lifelong technologist and entrepreneur. Manish was previously co-founder of LiveRamp ($RAMP). He is passionate about building companies that leverage data to solve real-world issues in healthcare.

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