Password Box

PasswordBox was an innovative free identity manager that removes the hassle of logging into all your browsers, apps, and devices. PasswordBox was acquired by Intel in 2014.
Password Box

The story so far

PasswordBox was founded by Canadian entrepreneur and former radio host, Daniel Robichaud in 2012, after selling an earlier venture in 2010, a radio streaming service. Daniel founded PasswordBox to create a simpler solution to password management and security. PasswordBox was the only digital life manager that let users log in instantly to their favorite websites and apps without having to type in, or even memorize passwords. Encrypted notes kept track of credit cards, passports and other sensitive personal data in a digital wallet, and even provided a digital legacy by passing it on, if desired, with a service Legacy Locker. PasswordBox surpassed 14 million downloads and won best mobile app at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014. OMERS Ventures led a $6 million Series A in 2013. PasswordBox was acquired by Intel Security Group in 2014.





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Dan Robichaud


Dan Robichaud

Dan Robichaud was founder and CEO of PasswordBox before it was acquired by Intel in 2014. Dan is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. His first company was acquired in 2006 by a Global Fortune 500. He went on to start and exit 5 other technology companies. He is a Limited Partner in seven VC funds and he is an angel investor in more than 45 promising start-ups.