About OB1

Brian Hoffman

OB1 is the company leading development of OpenBazaar, the world’s first widely-used decentralized marketplace. The company is building technologies that help give users around the world more control over their online trade.

Founder & CEO: Brian Hoffman

HQ: Washington, DC, USA

Founded: 2015


OB1 was founded in 2015 after a year of development on OpenBazaar by a small team in their spare time. They saw the concept of decentralized trade gain enthusiatic support in the Bitcoin community, and decided to accept venture capital funding in order to build a company and hire a development team to build OpenBazaar into something that could revolutionize ecommerce.

Since the launch of the updated 2.0 platform near the end of 2017, over 40,000 nodes globally have joined the OpenBazaar network. In early 2018 OpenBazaar enhanced its value to buyers and sellers by enabling purchases with Bitcoin Cash and Zcash.

Users and fans can follow the progress of this open source project and join their community on Slack, Twitter, and Reddit and download the desktop application at OpenBazaar.org

Our Collaboration

OB1 allows individuals, living anywhere, to buy and sell as part of a truly global marketplace. We are excited about the potential represented by OpenBazaar’s decentralized peer-to-peer protocol, and are thrilled about the various implementation paths that Brian and the rest of his team are pursuing.

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