Landed is on a mission to help essential professionals, starting with educators, build financial security near the communities they serve through homeownership.

The story so far

A Canadian in the Valley, Jonathan Asmis came to the Bay Area to attend Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. There, he met fellow classmate, Alex Lofton, and upon graduating they founded Landed and joined YCombinator soon thereafter. Both shared a common passion for public service and civic leadership – Jonathan in Toronto with various NGOs and Alex in the field for the Obama campaign. The two of them recognized the issues around housing affordability and created Landed to provide down payment assistance to essential workers such as educators.”

The third theme that OMERS Ventures has been investigating in the US is proptech or the intersection of technology and the real estate industry. During the summer of 2019, Michael had come across a myriad of start-ups that were trying to revolutionize the residential home buying process and were particularly struck by new emerging financial models of home ownership. Whether the schema was rent-to-own, trade-in, ibuyer, down payment assistance, or unlock home equity, more and more Americans were clearly going to realize their home ownership dreams in the future in a different manner.

Michael’s prior fund was a seed investor in Landed and after receiving the introduction, Michael started meeting with Jonathan once a month for a few hours to compare notes on the industry and give operational insights over the course of the summer and fall. Eventually, Jonathan had enough of a sense of OMERS Ventures that he started a financing process, and in February 2020, OMERS Ventures led a $10.5M extension of Landed’s Series A.

Since our investment, Landed has weathered the pandemic with aplomb as its home buying activity has experienced a sharp V-shaped recovery and reached new heights. Landed has continued to launch new school districts and universities across the country and more recently offered the program to healthcare workers at healthcare systems such as Sutter Health and UCSF. The company has also introduced a corresponding mortgage program to allow its essential workers to also tap into home loans, in addition to their down payment.





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Check out this post to learn more about why we chose to invest in Landed.

Landed Jonathan


Jonathan Asmis

Jonathan Asmis is a former strategy consultant and engineer who expects more from finance. His experience includes stints at Accenture – where he worked on projects across health, nonprofit, and retail industries – as well as Tesla Motors and Sanofi Pasteur. Jonathan holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Engineering from the University of Toronto as well as an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Landed Alex


Alex Lofton

A proud product of Washington state public schools, Alex believes in the productive potential of design, compassion, and digital technology. He worked as a member of Barack Obama’s field team in '07- '08, managing hundreds of paid staff who organized thousands of volunteers for the then-Senator’s successful presidential primary and general election campaigns. Alex has served in leadership positions at numerous social enterprises and technology start-ups in D.C., London, and San Francisco. He got his start in real estate at developer Forest City, and he holds a B.A. from Northwestern University and an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Landed Jesse


Jesse Vaughan

Jesse Vaughan believes in the power of building wealth to help people free themselves from fear. Money may not buy happiness, but confidence that one can feed and house their family is vital to feeling secure. Prior to returning to his home state of California, Jesse was based in Yangon, Myanmar where he helped to arrange $300M of social impact investments. Jesse holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from New York University, and in 2018, he was listed in Forbes 30 under 30.

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