About Klue

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Klue provides a continuously updated lens into your competitor's world, connecting dots to help you win more business.

CEO: Jason Smith

HQ: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Founded: 2015



Klue is tackling an underserved problem that every company faces: collecting, curating and distributing competitive intelligence. There is an explosion of information about companies scattered around the web and streams of content being shared by coworkers inside Slack, Salesforce, shared drives and email. We are arming salespeople with the relevant pieces of that deluge to help them win business.

The platform combines information shared by co-workers with bot collected intel from across the web into battlecards and living dashboards of competitor activity. We solve two problems enterprises face in the battle for sales. First, Klue helps product marketers and enablement teams create and keep competitive content up to date. Second, Klue helps salespeople find and leverage that content inside applications they use every day including Salesforce, Slack, Chrome (browser extension), and email.

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