About Kaleo


Kaleo operates an online prediction knowledge sharing platform that allows users to connect to other knowledge workers in an organization to extract, contribute and share information.

Founder & CEO: Phil Hui-Bon-Hoa

Location: El Segundo, CA, USA

Founded: 2012


Kaleo Software is a predictive knowledge sharing application that connects your employees with the support and resources they need to get their jobs done. Our platform automatically transforms old, long-form knowledge into easy-to-read answers, learns from employee interactions, and predicts information needs across the entire company. Our customers, including Toyota, Viacom and Bacardi, report higher customer satisfaction and lower support costs from using Kaleo.

Our Collaboration

Kaleo has eliminated one of the top contributors to productivity loss and frustration in the digital workplace — time wasted searching for answers and information. By creating a way for workforce knowledge to be dynamic and accessible for all employees, Kaleo has opened up a world of possibilities for organizations to more effectively implement new technologies and processes, identify and develop internal expertise and ensure employees are equipped to do their best work.

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