About Interaxon

Derek Luke

Interaxon is a Toronto-based innovator in the field of brain-sensing technology. Muse, the flagship Interaxon product, is a brainwave sensing computing hardware platform that provides innovative solutions for new products and experiences using a brain-computer interface.

CEO: Derek Luke

HQ: Toronto, ON, Canada

Founded: 2007



Interaxon is a Toronto-based innovator in the field of brain-sensing technology, with a history of designing memorable experiences from a levitating chair to a brain powered beer tap. Over 50,000 people have experienced Interaxon’s brain-sensing technology, and this continues to grow.

Interaxon has worked with top-tier goods, transportation and tech companies to create brain-sensing customer programs and promotions. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Interaxon connected Canadians across the country by enabling visitors to control the lights on Niagara Falls, the CN Tower and Canada’s Parliament buildings – all with the power of their minds from 2,000 miles away.

Interaxon launched their first product, Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is a brain fitness tool that senses your brain like a heart monitor reads your heart rate. Muse uses short, fun sessions to help you calm your mind, increase focus and composure and reduce stress.

Our Collaboration

Interaxon’s product targets the market of mindfulness and meditation, providing users the ability to track, analyze and measure the progress of their meditation sessions. Its effects can be profound on one’s health—increasing focus and reducing stress, among many other benefits. Quickly the company has grown from a concept stage to developing a polished and incredible product; distributed in more than 65 countries throughout prominent online and brick-and-mortar retailers. While the initial focus is on the meditation and mindfulness market, we are also excited about the potential applications of the product moving forward. InteraXon has already started to explore opportunities to treat mental health, and is developing a database of brain activity that the world has never seen before.


“…meditating with it—is addictive.”
Oprah Magazine
“It’s creating a frenzy of excitement…”
Huffington Post
“It’s the gift of a sound mind.”
New York Times
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