About Hopper

Hopper is a mobile application that analyzes billions of flights to help find the best deals and the best time to buy, saving customers both time and money.

Founder & CEO: Frederic Lalonde

HQ: Montréal, QC, Canada

Founded: 2007


Hopper is a new kind of travel company that is reinventing the way people plan travel and book flights by leveraging the power of mobile conversation and big data in the form of trillions of flight prices. Today, Hopper is one of the fastest growing travel apps ever, with over 10 million installs since our launch in 2015, and behind it all is a team of 40-some passionate developers, designers, data scientists, growth hackers, creatives, travel junkies — and one dog.

Hopper has been named one of the best apps of 2015 by Apple, Buzzfeed, Vogue, Tech Insider, New York Times, TIME, and more.

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Hopper is reinventing online travel with its platform for consumer travel discovery. With more than half a billion web pages of travel data already being crawled, Hopper’s engine combines high volumes of highly varied data in real-time to complete a searchable catalogue of all travel destinations, attractions and interests. Hopper is quickly becoming the biggest travel database in the world, and it is this database that powers Hopper to uniquely provide consumers with an informed and personalized travel discovery experience.

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