About Digital Currency Group

DCG owns and operates four key lines of business in trading, asset management, bitcoin related news and investments.

Founder & CEO: Barry Silbert

HQ: New York, NY, USA

Founded: 2015


It is the mission of Digital Currency Group to accelerate the development of a better financial system. We do this by building and supporting bitcoin and blockchain companies through our network, our insights, and our access to capital.

Our Collaboration

Blockchain is set to disrupt global financial services. The market is nascent, and while we are still in the early stages of understanding the true impacts of this technology, the decentralized network technology underlying crypto-currency such as bitcoin is set to transform the current industry. Many of the world’s largest banks are currently piloting blockchain related projects to improve their products/services and operations and we anticipate a broad adoption throughout the financial services industry over the next five years. Moreover, we expect emerging blockchain 2.0 applications, including the powering of smart contracts, ownership/asset transfer, identity management, security, and IoT networks to enable a breadth of products and services.

DCG is addressing this large market and has a unique and important position in the blockchain ecosystem through its four business divisions: Grayscale, Genesis Trading, DCG Investments and CoinDesk. DCG has an exceptional management team and we believe in their vision to shape the foundation for the digital currency revolution.

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