About Citizen Hex

Benjamin Roberts - Citizen Hex

An Ethereum liquidity company

Co-Founder & CEO: Benjamin Roberts

HQ: Toronto, ON, Canada

Founded: 2016


Ethereum, a successor to Bitcoin, is a platform for the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. The price of ETH, the native commodity of the Ethereum blockchain, has risen more than 1,000% in 2017. Other Ethereum protocol tokens such as GNT (Golem Network Token), a commodity for buying and selling decentralized computational capacity, have enjoyed even higher returns.

The economics of Ethereum will lead to thousands of exchanges, and millions of Ethereum-based tokens. This represents an unprecedented opportunity to provide smart-contract liquidity-as-a-service and other critical financial infrastructure that can only exist on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Citizen Hex Inc. was founded by Benjamin Roberts and Brett Bergmann in late 2016 and emerged as one of the top companies in the Toronto-based Creative Destruction Lab accelerator.

Our Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce a seed-stage investment in Citizen Hex, alongside Version One Ventures, Purpose Investments & Three Angels Capital. Our fintech investment thesis focuses on investing in startups that are leveraging disruptive technologies such as blockchain to build innovative financial technology and services businesses. A new technology paradigm has emerged where disruptive businesses and applications are being built around decentralized blockchain protocols. These entities are issuing tokens (via Initial Coin Offerings) to fund the development and operation of their networks. The future of the blockchain industry will likely consist of hundreds of such tokens and one of the ways for key stakeholders to participate in the blockchain revolution will be through investing in tokens rather than investing in the underlying protocols.

Citizen Hex is building a digital token trading and wealth management platform - which combines sophisticated quantitative analysis of protocol token opportunities with a carefully engineered set of proprietary tools, purpose built for trading in decentralized marketplaces. The platform includes proprietary techniques to enable the execution and management of digital token trading activities. Citizen Hex was co-founded by two impressive entrepreneurs, Benjamin Roberts and Brett Bergmann, who have been building blockchain applications since 2013. OMERS believes an investment in Citizen Hex will allow us to participate in the new wave of innovative products built on digital tokens.


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