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Agile Analog offers a new approach to analog IP design, one that is free of the compromises, trade-offs and defects associated with standard, off-the-shelf analog IP, analog IP the way you want it.
Agile Analog

The story so far

Agile Analog is the creation of a team of analog engineers, chip designers and semiconductor industry executives who draw on decades of experience in the semiconductor IP industry. There, they played important roles in developing a successful market for digital IP. The analog IP market today is far smaller and less developed. Yet chip manufacturers and OEMs continually strive to shorten design cycles and integrate ever more functions on-chip – factors which should create surging demand for more analog IP. But the market has been failing its customers, because there is too little IP available, and the IP is in a standard, off-the-shelf format. Agile Analog set out to find a way to generate application-specific IP, but without the cost and delay associated with hand-crafted custom IP. THe agile Analog team combines deep analog IP experience with IP sales experience and strong reputations -- just the sort of combination we look for in a team addressing a huge potential market. OMERS Ventures invested in Agile Analog in 2021.

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Mike Hulse


Mike Hulse

Mike has worked in the semiconductor industry for 30 years in a broad range of technical, entrepreneurial, managerial and advisory roles, covering both digital and mixed signal, design methodology, technical leadership and project management.

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