Setting the Stage for Success

Is your company well on its way to success, and are you looking for additional resources and expertise to help get you there?

We get it. We're OMERS Ventures and we are as passionate about your success as you are about your company.

OMERS Ventures is the venture capital arm of OMERS, one of Canada's largest pension funds with more than $65 billion in net assets.

We believe in...

We believe in a vibrant knowledge economy.

Knowledge based industries cover a wide array of sectors including technology, media and telecommunications.  At the core of each of these knowledge based industries is intellectual property – valuable property that can be developed and exported for significant value to create prosperity for future generations.  We believe in a knowledge based ecosystem linked together that extends from the germination of an idea right through to the development of thriving, globally competitive companies.

We believe in lifecycle investing.

We believe in supporting our investment partners from the time of making a seed investment through their various growth phases and ultimately to the time our investment partner is cash flow positive or decides to undertake a liquidity event.  Our investment strategy is long-term, and we have the resources, patience and flexibility to continue to support our investment partners throughout the lifecycles of their business.

We believe that entrepreneurs are our partners.

Like you, we are operators, so we understand you.  We believe that entrepreneurs are our partners and we are committed to supporting the entrepreneurs we invest in as they grow their companies. We value simplicity and we strive to invest in companies where we believe we have economic alignment with the entrepreneur. We want the entrepreneur to remain an entrepreneur driven by common goals with us.

We believe in venture capital co-opetition.

We believe in co-investing with other venture capital or private equity firms which share our core values and can add value to our investment partners and contribute to building great companies.  It is about “co-opetition” and not competition.

We believe in a partner ecosystem.

We believe in adding value to our investment partners beyond just financial capital and we know we cannot do it alone. We believe in a partner ecosystem which brings together resources from a broad spectrum - corporate strategic partners, entrepreneurs in residence, talented individuals, academics, government, and professional services providers. We have access to these key strategic partners and visionaries in the industry through our investment team. As one of Canada's largest pension funds, we also have a unique ability to leverage the relationships of our other global investments held outside of the OMERS Ventures portfolio.

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