Is HootSuite Canada’s next billion-dollar tech titan?


January 10, 2013

Ryan Holmes could make it so.

If you didn’t know him well enough, you might think Ryan Holmes was your typical West Coaster. The 37-year-old CEO of HootSuite, a rapidly growing social-media company out of Vancouver, certainly looks the part. He often wears plaid to work. He keeps the top button undone. His hair is getting pretty long and his beard—well, he has one. He also loves yoga and all things outdoors, from surfing to rock climbing. Then there’s his office, where he sits at his desk on a big, grey exercise ball, often while his 10-year-old dog, Mika, gnaws on a bone across the room. But make no mistake about it: Holmes is one of the most serious entrepreneurs in Canada, as paradoxically intense as he is laid back. He just doesn’t waste time on formalities.

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