Our Latest Investment: LeadSift

November 28, 2012

At OMERS Ventures, we’re fortunate to meet with incredible entrepreneurs each and every day; many of them bring a mix of passion, experience and drive. Every so often, we get the chance to meet a team with a unique combination of technical skills and the ability to creatively apply these skills to an emerging market opportunity. These teams view the world through a lens that few people have and dive into the market from a place of knowledge, insight and curiosity. In meeting the team at LeadSift, we knew we’d found this unique combination. The Leadsift team also shares our belief that enterprises around the globe should be exploring all possible ways to leverage all things on the social web to drive their business.

LeadSift’s founders – Tukan, Sreejata, Hatem, and Daniel – bring together significant experience in natural language processing, machine learning and social media data interpretation. As the team explored ways to apply these experiences, their curiosity moved to the evolving market of online lead generation. Businesses, both large and small, are continually searching for new methods to reach potential customers. The online social space presents an interesting arena to generate sales leads as users express their habits, opinions and intents on a daily basis. However, the space is cluttered and to date, companies have been unable to efficiently sift through the data to generate real leads. Leadsift has cracked the code- turning what is often noise into meaningful, actionable sales leads that convert to real deals.

LeadSift’s intelligent algorithms and online tools effectively mine social media data in real-time and generate highly qualified and targeted sales leads for its users. We believe LeadSift is ideally positioned to help companies across multiple verticals to leverage the vast amount of data that is available on a daily basis throughout the social web. We are looking forward to working with team execute their vision.

Derek Smyth, Managing Director, OMERS Ventures